Friday, March 5, 2010

Now with pictures!

9:45 PM - Doing some testing, the actions need to call visit every update event or you only get the first and last positions. So. Overriding the actions and making a bezier pen and a lineto pen, which should be plenty for now. Then I'll use those in place of CCBezierTo and CCMoveTo to draw stuff.

11:35 PM -- success! Looks like we will need a constant per-pixel drawing time or you get crazy images that are made up of non-touching dots the longer the lines are around. Apparently update only gets called every so often, so your timespan needs to be bigger to compensate. Also my top half of my circles don't seem to work, so I need to figure out why that is as well. I'll try to get circles done tonight then hit the time based drawing tomorrow. Too bad I didn't get pictures of my line-only OpenGL low level stuff. Maybe I'll have to dig something up for posterity. =)

As drawn in the modified sketch editor:
As drawn in the iPad simulator:

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