Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Excellent articles

I thought I'd post these two links here.  Very much worth reading!

RPGs and Procedural Content Generation

Care and Feeding of Software Engineers

As of today I am now homeless.  Once I get back into a more permanent home (which is in the works) I will start iterating on some of my content I've posted here.  Until then.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Quick update (again)

Things have been busy, and life has been near all-consuming.  I have spent a couple of hours on the RPG textbox code, but have run into some snags with cocos2d 2.x and TTF fonts.  So it's getting there but not there yet.  Sorry for the delay.

I did run across this link this morning which looks very good for menuing in a game using cocos2d and thought I would share.

I have also had a few email questions about collision and the TMXGenerator code I have posted on this blog.  I would like to direct those who are looking for examples to check out either the base cocos2d-extensions example, which includes collision detection, or to have a look at Ray Wenderlich's write-up about creating a tile-based game with cocos2d.

Until next time.