Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Frustration, thy name is coding

7:00PM-7:45 PM, 10:30 PM-12:45 AM
Well I've missed my time tracking some, I worked on this issue a couple of times in the past few days. I'd guess that this is going on 6 hours of time. :/ I finally go the pencil fixed I think correctly, though I still do not understand why 0,0 is the center of a sprite in general and NOT the center when calling visit when drawing into the render texture. Sucks to be me I guess. So I modified the pencil and got it's positions worked out properly. It may move later but should be OK for now. Next stop is to get the "update" code to draw the pen pixel more than once as needed. Then it's back to some designing on the rest of the content drawing screen (like changing the pen color, making a better background, etc) and more design/decisions on the gameboard screen. See this thread on the cocos2d forums for more info on my struggles and a special thank you to one of the forum members for help.

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