Wednesday, August 25, 2010

where did I go?

8:45 PM - it's been almost 2 months and little has happened with Pict.  It's been on hold as I've worked with Folder Lite, Updating Folder, been on vacation, played through the starcraft 2 campaign, and generally haven't done much that's difficult in the way of iOS programming in my spare time.  Though at work I've been working the past month almost exclusively on the iPad, on (the back end of) an iPad front end for our company's software.  I've learned a lot but mostly have worked on the back end, so there's not a lot to show.  That's coming to an end, but the UI heavy portion of the project is coming up in the next month.  I think that's part of why I've been set back some -- I'm doing this full time.  I did get to learn core data on the clock though which was nice.  Core Data may be good for some uses, but I haven't found the best scenario for it yet.  I wish we had used SQLite actually for our app at work as what we are doing is the wrong fit for Core Data.  Anyhow.  This evening I'm going to start a new from scratch but copying a lot of code framework for Geopher Lite and turn it into Geopher Geocaching.  I think that will work better as a name and have it do a number of things better.  I guess we will see.  I may also post this time log on the blog it was originally intended for, we'll see on that as well.

More later.

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