Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The day after president's day

9:45 PM - after winding down from a regular work day and checking my email, now that it's almost 10 PM back to work! =) Someone on the apple forums helpfully suggested this link, which is fairly cryptic but should help break up the curves.

10:00 PM - 1:00 AM - implemented enough so that lines would theoretically work. The lines are now chunking according to the segment count we pass the lines. The drawing is theoretically happening also except that I can't seem to actually see any drawing happening. It's likely how I'm doing the drawing (I guess?). I'm sort of ignoring everything but lines right now since that's the easiest of what's happening. The code mostly works, tick: is getting called once a second to draw each segment and the segments appear to loop through ok. So definitely close now. Ugh. I gotta stop staying up so late. Oh, also fixed a bunch of stuff with the coord loading code which I haven't been able to test until now, as well as finishing off this odd framework for putting the objects through their paces to draw.

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