Thursday, November 18, 2010

Image editor gets some love

After my breakthrough with the line and bezier drawing, I've decided it's time to nickel and dime a few things.

This evening I spent about 2 hours getting images to auto-snap in place in the pict editor as well as toggling the images on and off.  This will help with drawing pictures as you can now toggle the background images on and off and "trace" them to get a better picture.  I wanted to actually resize the image rather than just displaying it resized, but alas that's not as easy as I expected.  Still not sure why, that's where the bulk of my time has gone.  NSImage expects you to know a lot more about images than I do apparently.

This still needs some work -- you can add as many pictures as you want (we should limit to 1) and the images need to be re-sampled down smaller than they are.  We also need to make a category, phrase (hint?) and exact word match meta-data in the editor as well so that the pict app can do something useful with the sketch files.

I may as well post a picture as an example of the image background scaling, since this blog would be awfully boring without pictures.  Well okay, and maybe a little bit boring WITH pictures.  Please excuse zeratul's arm, it's currently part of my desktop background.  You can see the auto-scaling at work, the regular size is in preview.

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